Monday, December 12, 2011


Angie mentioned over on her blog about some of the ways she decorated for christmas. It got me thinking about how we've decorated our house this year. I made a pom pom garland this year (I followed this tutorial). I love it. I think I could make a pom pom garland for any activity throughout the year...bright spring like ones or dinosaur colored ones for Simon's birthday. I guess these colors aren't necessarily Christmasy, but it's my Christmas garland nonetheless.

The pictures in the frames (from bottom left up and around to bottom right): Tiger at the zoo when I was pregnant with Lyra, a sweet card from an IRL BLM, a recent painting of mine for Lyra's anniversary coming up, a holiday ATC from another BLM, and Simon's first water color - he got a hold of my tin and got his fingers all painted...I figured instead of cleaning him up, he might as well use it up on some paper :) I love the option to change out pictures and look forward to putting up more of Simon's artwork.

I also have a holiday card garland that is in the living room for this season, and my stars that I have yet to find the right spot for since our move. I like having a little something in our house to string up along a bare wall.


  1. It's nice to have creative freedom. Because who said that tinsel is the only way to decorate for Christmas!