Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a phrase

"Just wait til you have a'll understand."



  1. Oh I'm so sorry. That must have stung. It's brought tears to my eyes. You had a girl and I suspect you understand far more than the person who said this to you xo

  2. I've heard: "you're lucky, boys are so much harder..."

  3. Oh dear. I know this one, too. Sending hugs and love. Sigh, indeed. I agree totally with what Catherine said.

  4. So very sorry. These kind of comments send me into a tail spin.

    Thinking of you, your GIRL, and your boy.

  5. I got that a lot when I was pregnant with my rainbow and I would tell people that I was having a boy. Most would respond "oh good, boys are so much easier!"

    Hello, remember that baby GIRL that I gave birth to???

    Those comments do suck. I'm sorry!

  6. Ugh, cringe...people are so stupid sometimes. ((hugs))

  7. Gosh, some people just don't get it. You have experienced far more to bring you to such an understanding as you have now. Sending much love.

  8. Oh friend. Ouch.

    When I was pregnant with Luke, and we learned he was a boy, people said, "Oh great. You're all set for a boy."

    Yeah, I am. You know that one whose funeral you went to? That one who died?

    Sorry for your hurting heart. They just don't get it.

  9. How gutting and callous. I'm sorry.

  10. Oh yes... That is just so hard... The other day I got. "do you want to try for a girl"???? I did start crying... The woman didn't know why, she doesn't know about Camille, but others around me just kind of froze. I already HAD a girl. I wish I still did. Sending so much love.

  11. Ugh. So hard to hear.

    When I was pregnant with Lucy I heard from countless people, "Oooh! After having 2 boys I bet you are hoping to get your girl this time!"... or something similar. To which I always wanted to reply, "Yup... I'm hoping for another girl, but I hope she doesn't die like the last one did."

    So uncomfortable.

    So sorry.

    x <3 o