Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today was filled with much activity. Simon is always active, moving and bouncing and running and laughing or squealing. He has more teeth coming in finally...though it means he's uncomfortable and sometimes has unpleasant moments.

Our local fitness center had their grand opening, and we went in support. It's been open since the first of February, and I've been a consistent member...attending classes and using the equipment. I helped demonstrate (with others) some elements of the kickboxing class to those who were interested or didn't know what it was like. Physical fitness has become a huge element of health and sanity for me lately. One person joked, "You are skinny and you chase after him (Simon) all day, you don't need to be working out here!" I inwardly cringed, because I don't believe it's about size, but about my ability to climb the stairs or chase after my son or push the mower without feeling like I'm about to pass out. That gives me more self confidence than a particular size that we are supposed to try for. Plus, there's enough against our human bodies in this world - if this is one area that I can try and prolong and elevate my quality of life to see my son grow up and to grow old with L, then I'm going to do it.

We got rain the last few days. And sun and warmth yesterday and today. Which makes the grass grow tall. So I mowed today while Simon napped. L dug up some stuff and took care of a few things on his to-do list. And we took a long walk around town later, to get Simon out in the fresh air. It's amazing how much good it does him to get outside each day.

It was a good, full day. What activity did you see or participate in this weekend?


  1. I'd love to be stronger physically. I've never been good at sport, or enjoyed it, but your post does remind me that I do want to be fitter and stronger. Running around after my five living children is exhausting.
    I tried running last summer, but finally and reluctantly had to admit that my hips just were not up to the job. I keep saying I'll get my bicycle out instead, but I've yet to brush the cobwebs off might have just given me that push to do it today.
    Weekends here are chaos, children all wanting to do different things in different places. Today India is off to a dance workshop in Manchester, Eden is going to watch a dance show at a local college, the boys will play in the garden, probably football on the swamp that was once our lawn!
    I will be trying to catch up with some sewing, and laundry.
    Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous!

  2. I've always been tiny but also always enjoyed being active (sports in high school, fitness center in college, gym membership as an adult). I love being in shape but get the same kind of comments you do. Why do you work out ... your so skinny? Because i like it! Working out makes me feel healthy and strong. And ... my body looks good! I do look forward to getting my body back in shape again after being peggers.

    My activities are pretty limited right now ... mostly I watch hubby prepare the house for baby. I attended a baby shower of a lovely BLM friend yesterday and played photographer. That about covers it for me!

  3. First of all love the new blog design, its fabulous!! Thats great about the new fitness center, although I'm small I'm definitely out of shape & you're right it's not about size but health! I just have to try and find time somewhere in my crazy schedule, maybe one of these days...especially if we end up moving and I'm not working! Although with the nicer weather we have been making time for nightly family walks which we all LOVE!
    We had a great weekend, 31 party yesterday then neighborhood party in the evening and today I'm getting my hair cut, awesome busy weekend. Miss you!

  4. We have had a lovely weekend. Just this afternoon we had Derek and Laura over for supper. It was so nice and lazy. It was a bit cold when we went out for a walk so we came back and ate some more! There was enough food for at least another family (hey! like you guys!)

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  5. I love the new blog design! It is awesome! The colors are amazing. But you know I am a fan of your aesthetic. I was "away" though here. I was at an AA convention, which I am not really supposed to say, but I heard a lot of drunks tell their story, I hung out with friends and drank a shitload of bad coffee, and just had an awesome time. I am tired now, but also feel like my tank is full, if that makes sense.

    I cringed too when I read that statement. Oof. What people feel allowed to say directly to thin people drives me just as mad as what they say to fat people behind their back. (or to their face.) You are lovely. xo