Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"Thankfuls" is the term we've started using with Simon for our end of the day listing of things we are thankful for from that day.

So I'm listing mine today, just because I can.

-It's wonderful line drying weather. We rigged up a make shift line on our back patio for me to dry some of our laundry on. We had weather in the 80's (26C?) & the wind wasn't blasting today either, so it was just a good day to hang laundry. It's one of the few times I'm so exuberant about laundry ;)

-I got some delightful snail mail, which always makes my day!

-Mint green nail polish. It worked well in winter. But it's got a whole new personality with spring moving in!

-St. Patty's day is coming up. My true Irish friends, don't hate me. It's the holiday that gets me all giddy, and I have no logical explanation for it. L got me flowers for it one year, and since then, it's been like a delinquent Valentines for us. Oh, and growing up we had Godz.illa parties...the food was green, everyone wore green, and we watched Godz.illa movies since he was green.

I think that's a good start. What are some of your thankfuls?


  1. People are starting to emerge—even though we didn't have much of a winter, we still seemed to hibernate but we're starting to see our neighbors again out on walks

    A couple of warm days and cocktail hour on the porch the other day (and the promise of summer to come)

    Naps (for everyone but me) made the afternoon/evening much nicer

    Taxes are done

    Two sugar shack dates this week

    1. Cocktail hour on the porch sounds lovely...as does your other thankfuls. Glad to read them :)

  2. Letting myself sit and enjoy the warm sunshine while waiting for my lunch buddy
    Baby boy getting hicups at least once a day in my belly
    Homemade chocolate chip cookies
    A friend met through adoption circle announcing the arrival of their son yesterday!

    1. So many good things to read! Your chocolate chip cookies sound yummy. I should make some today.

  3. Colds that pass quickly
    Puddles! even though they cause a lot of mud
    A great classroom of kids
    Even better ones at home

    1. I never knew you as a teacher, but I bet you are really great!

  4. I loved reading your 'thankfuls' Rachel :)

    today I'm thankful for:
    -the wonderful sunshine and unseasonably warm weather
    -increasing courage in the face of fear
    -waking up to a rearranged bedroom (I got spring fever energy yesterday and rearranged my disaster of a room :)

    1. Rearranging always does something good for us. We get a hankering to do it more often than others it seems :) Continue on in courage...will be thinking of you.

  5. My thankfuls...

    ~ 2 sleep in days in a row... and by sleep in I mean no one awake before 7:30am, oh how times have changed!
    ~ Sunshine! Still freeeezing cold here but lots of light.
    ~ Zumba. I just joined a gym and am loving it!!
    ~ Blueberries.
    ~ My kiddos giggles.

    x <3 o

    1. Hurrah for sleep, and sunshine! I've been doing Zumba too. I imagine you've actually got dance moves, unlike this girl ;)

  6. Love this tradition you've started & might have to start doing daily thankfuls with Ian as he gets a bit older!

    My current thanksfuls...
    - that I have the next 4 days off work to spend with the little man
    - that N still has a job
    - Ian's precious little smile that he likes to flash all the time
    - this incredible weather
    - sweets (such a sweet tooth lately)

    1. So many good things to read. I miss you, friend.