Sunday, April 29, 2012

More teeth

I mentioned awhile ago that we were dealing with teeth coming in. Apparently I don't know anything about teeth and how they come in. At that time, we were actually dealing with two lower incisors and 4 molars. (I had to look up a diagram, because these things are causing such disruption in this house.) At the moment, we are still dealing with those four molars, and two more lower canines. Now of course, it's not constant pain all week long. But yesterday and today have been a beast, and I am so grateful for the early bedtime he has so I can get some breathing room. I'm hoping tomorrow is a bit of a break...that my motto of "this too shall pass" will come true.

I feel ashamed that I feel so disheveled when he has his rough days, because I'm supposed to be the calm one who helps him through it all. And I only have one. The families who have more than one living child, and have all different stages of "helping them through it all" - my hat goes off to you. I know you learn and adjust, but it's still amazing.

Of course there are days like in the picture above. These days outnumber the bad ones. He's really an enjoyable little boy who gives kisses and hugs and makes every day funny in some way.

I'm lucky, and I know it. So, while I complain or lament a hardship in parenting, I know that I've got it good.

Now, wish him quick tooth growth so he can get back to enjoying life. Wishing you all a beautiful moment sometime this week. <3


  1. I'm hoping those teeth come roaring in! Food is our beastly issue more so than teeth, but now that I've said that, I'm sure it will come back to bite (hah) me. He's unbelievably adorable.

  2. Oh teeth. I hate baby teeth. Baby teeth are arseholes!
    Wishing Simon a speedy passage through cutting these new ones!

  3. Um, that picture is ADORABLE! I'm jealous that he'll let you do that because my little Mister will NOT even contemplate looking at the camera anymore and I think it's just out of spite sometimes, hee hee. Yes, the teeth! Think we are out of the woods in a few days bc all molars are now finally in, but still...finishing them up all the way brings drooly-drools-a-lot and Mr. Grumpy-pants, but only temporarily!