Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Train Harder

One of my friends here in town gave me this shirt last night. (Did you catch that? I have a friend! And we're friendsy enough to get stuff for each other!!) She is my running buddy, and we follow each other's training and share all our running nerdiness together. And she was also witness to my first ever pull up! And 15 minutes later, my second pull up. I could only get two done, but I'd say that's still progress :D

As I have 6 weeks until my 1/2 marathon, I'm feeling unsure about my abilities during most of my runs. But this was a big boost in confidence. She mentioned that she saw it, and immediately thought of all the strength training, running and c.rossfit I'd been doing, and she had to get it for me. So, now when I question myself, I have this shirt to look on and remember that I can get it done, and that I have people who believe in me. And throw in the all inspirational people in this community (both non-runners and runners alike), and I should have no problem flying through those miles (right???). 

Hoping this week is going well with gentle moments, bright memories, and lots of love. 


  1. Love the shirt... and your determination. In awe with your training, as running was always something I wanted to get into (but never got past the fuck-it-hurts-and-i-cant-breathe-part). Congratz on the friend, the training and (optimistic as I am) the completed half-marathon. :)

    Much love!

    PS: Saw a shirt in my training recently: Keep calm, shut up and train harder.

  2. Awesome shirt! So glad you have a real life friend in your town that shares your passion for running. You can do it! Train hard but take breaks if you need to. You are doing it one step at a time.