Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goals Check In

It's Thursday already, which is odd because it feels like we just started this week. I'm writing this post mainly because I finished a book last night, and that always gets me thinking about the fresh new possibilities of what book I'll read next. And then I looked at where I'm at with my book goal from my post back in January, and I got all excited to see what I'd completed or needed to still work towards.
Run my first 10k and half marathon by May.

Get strong enough to do pullups. (I've done two, but I can't consistently do them yet, so I'm not crossing this one out completely yet.)

Get my next tattoo.

Read 10 books. (At 7 out of 10. Will probably go up by 5's as if I reach goal levels.)

Paint a giant watercolor.  (I do have the paper cut finally. Now to just sit down and sketch it out!)

Draw more.(Year long endeavor, but I have done quite a bit more than I had been.)

Go camping this summer as a family. (It snowed yesterday, and today is supposed to be 30 degrees warmer already...welcome to Kansas - where we don't do weather in moderation, but only extremes.)
I think I'd like to add two things as well:
- Talking to the nearby hospital where they deliver babies and making hats or donating boxes for babies that are stillborn. 

- I just finished up an art show for my two art students (see pic below), and I think I have an inkling to try and organize a community art show to get the broader population of our tiny town involved. 

Somedays it feels really amazing I'm even at a capacity to make goals and make them happen. There was a long time where I never thought I'd really have that energy again. Or care enough to do much more than basic survival. It's nice to know that the dull aching isn't always at the forefront of my mind. So I hope I don't seem overly cheery...though that's not an inherently bad thing. But it feels odd sometimes still, though good.


  1. Good for you and for those that you are inspiring. I would really like to set more time aside to read books, and love when I get updates sharing the books you have finished. My want-to-read list is getting longer!

  2. I totally get your amazement at having the energy—physical and emotional—to work toward, never mind achieve goals. I am just getting there this year. Some of that is where I am with grief and some of that is where I am with my girls and their sleep and their needs.

    Way to go! You're one of a group of friends who have inspired me with my running. What have you been reading?