Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day of the Dead Swap

Since this weekend is probably packed full for everyone, I thought I'd post this now, rather than this weekend.
I was able to be a part of the Day of the Dead art swap that was organized by Ines this year. There were six of us total, and this picture (from left to right) shows my mixed media ATC, Amy's magnet, Angie's block print, and Kara's mixed media piece. Aren't they delightful? There are two more are coming from overseas, so I'm anxiously awaiting the lovely work that they've done :)
There's a Day of the Dead art exhibit showing here in town Oct. 29- Nov. 2, and I'd like to make my way over and see it.

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  1. hey Rachel

    They look great together like that, I received one of the ones you are still missing in the post today and mine is on it's way to you, too. So hopefully you'll have to re-post the entire collection before the weekend :-P

    Thanks for taking part in the swap, it's been wonderful to receive such brilliant pieces from all of you.

    xx Ines