Sunday, October 17, 2010

October: Days 15-17

Day 15 - what you like about your house.
Ironically, when we first moved back to the midwest, a friend in Chicago was cruising craigslist for cute apartments in various places and found one for us here in Kansas. We loved it, but decided we wanted a yard for gardening, and a little more space. We were both working at that time, and so we found a cute 3 bedroom house. After Lyra died, we didn't want to be in that house anymore and I wasn't working anymore either, so it seemed better to look into another option. As we were looking, there was another apartment available in the same complex our Chicago friend had found for us here a year before. And we got it.
It's a small, one bedroom apartment. But it's got character :) Wood floors, an arched doorway into the living room, & french doors to our bedroom. We've made it our own, and feel comfortable in it. We're pretty eclectic decorators, and L insists on my art on the walls, but it's uniquely us.

Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly).
Sufjan Stevens has two songs that have gotten me at emotional times...not necessarily recently though...even before Lyra. The first is his song 'Casimir Pulaski Day' and the other is 'That Was the Worst Christmas Ever'. 

Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc) that moves you.

I mentioned a while ago about this sculpture. I later found out it was titled 'Collateral Damage" and was by a local artist named Beth Vannatta. Much of her art is based around the casualties of war or political issues. I feel like this was a big step in creating awareness about infant/child whatever context it is found. I viewed it from my own experience with Lyra, and it was a powerful image.
I was disappointed lately though, to find that it had been moved from it's original location...from a very public place, to a more hidden location. I'm making a big assumption here, but I'm guessing it was too uncomfortable for people to see. So it got moved, because art should only be about sunshine and lollipops...


  1. You apartment sounds just lovely; glad that you've made it your own.

    And it really makes me sad that they moved the sculpture. Seriously?!

  2. Love "Casimir Pulaski Day!" That is a great, sad, melt-your heart song. Hope your balloons were great :)

  3. That song gets me too. I used it in a photo montage on my blog for Hope's second birthday. Gets me every time.