Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A small section of the giant painting. I'm feeling really good about it. I have quite a few bumps and wrinkles from the collage part of it, but I'm not fretting about it. It's a learning process :)

Bullet point listing time:
- I got my hair trimmed today. Always feels good to just let someone else take care of something like your hair. My stylist is super easy to talk to and it's always a good experience.

- My Dr's appointment for this week went well. Newest info is that I'm not supposed to be doing much of anything...pretty much just resting at all times. He never mentioned the actual terminology "bedrest", but he mostly wants me sitting or lying down. I think since we don't know what caused the abruption before, he wants to eliminate as many scenarios as possible that could bring another about. If I'm just a lump on a log, then we have less to worry about. I'm going to request a butler monkey, as Angie has done.

- We got a few Christmas decorations up. Our apartment is so tiny, there's no room for a tree, but it feels subtly festive...which fits our mood just right.

- This made me laugh, and is somewhat true of our apartment building. 

- Today has been ok. That's a good start for such a difficult month :)


  1. Have been thinking of you and am so glad to hear the appointment went well! The cartoon cracked me up...darn cranky old ladies:) Sending love & thoughts your way my friend!

  2. glad your appointment went well and the first day of the month has you feeling ok. one day at a time xxx sending love, anne

  3. I'm a pro at doing nothing while pregnant. If you want tips on how to do little of nothing for a long period of time while maintaining sanity as well as possible, I'm your woman. 30 weeks. Nice landmark. Keep up the good (non)work! By the way, I love what I assume is a breast in your painting.

  4. Beautiful painting... Love the links... the 2nd made me smile. I needed that after the last 48 hours.
    I am so glad your appointment went well and hope that you can find peace in your time of bedrest. We are all here to 'talk' to you- I am sure we can find lots to keep you occupied. Thinking of you sweet mamma.....