Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been rather absent for the month of July. I'm behind on blogs. I'm really only good at keeping up with the quicker social media options. Anyone on g.oodreads? I set a goal to read 15 books in 2012...

Which sets me up for what this year has been for me...a year of goals. I guess I'm a goal oriented person. It feels good to have my eyes set on something, take the steps to accomplish it, and have the satisfaction of achieving it. After Lyra died, I did the Creative Everyday Challenge, and I did art swaps. But I did not do much outside of what fit in with my grief in 2010.

2011 brought the goal of bringing Simon home safe and sound. It brought the goals of breastfeeding and moving and settling in to our new life.

And for 2012: I want to be active and read and create.

I want to read - I am 100% sold on audiobooks now...I've listened to all three of the H.unger G.ames books, and have W.icked lined up, and a few other ones in mind to get. So that's where my 15 books read in 2012 comes in...I'm up to 10 read so far. I do visually read several books, but it just takes so much longer with Simon around ;)

I want to be active - I've logged 420 miles so far, since the beginning of February. That's spread out between walking, biking, the elliptical, swimming, and running. And I decided 5 weeks ago that I was going to train for a 5k. So I've been doing the Couch to 5k training, and although I'm a bit of a poser runner, I've been surprised at what my body is capable of. That's been a big goal for me to set this year. And L has seen a big change in my temperament - I'm a better mom and wife when I'm able to get out and do something. I feel better about myself, and I feel less "pent up" about frustrations or stress in life.

I want to create - Of course creating is always necessary. Whether it's gifts for others, or just randomly drawing something, this is another healthy outlet for my emotions.

One goal that is more difficult to measure is contentment. This hot, hot summer is hard on me. The wind wears me down. But I'm finding things that are beautiful still, and ways to still enjoy this time, and not wish it away. I fear getting in a mindset of looking ahead to when things might be better, instead of being present in this moment. I don't want to model that for Simon. So, I'm writing things down that are good about the day, or funny, or memorable. Some of my favorites as of late are:
-Simon doing the downward dog while I do pushups
-Discovering our neighborhood mockingbird
-Simon pretending to feed his cookie to the kitties in his book
-Clean clothes hanging out on the line

Perhaps I'm using the word "goal" wrong, but whatever state you find yourself in, I challenge you to find a goal to achieve soon. It doesn't have to be 5k training, or reading a so many books in a timespan. If it's a good patch, it could be finishing one project you never got to finish, or signing up for that cooking class, or joining a book club. Or if it's a rough patch, just getting up and putting on your favorite earrings, or emailing a friend to get together for coffee could be your goal.

And do drop me a line to let me know what you plan on doing or are doing...I'd like to keep you in mind - we all need a little encouragement and support.


  1. Really been into Audiobooks too...didn't even think about Wicked, but bet that would be great to actually here! Just finished the Help and loved it...the voices make it!!!


  2. Good for you Rachel. It's inspiring to hear someone trying to live in the moment instead of looking ahead constantly to the future. My goals? Hmmmm....continue to exercise regularly (because I'm a better person when I can do that), finish all the books I've started and do a few sewing projects.

  3. I love your goals. I've had book goals like that before. When I was a runner I had running goals. Right now my goal is bring home an alive healthy baby and I wish it was a littlemore like a running or reading goal, one you only had to have motivation for. The struggle is there and determination but the goal lacks the control of the others and so it is more of a hope with the struggle and perseverance.

    My recent goals included getting Camille's birthday cards completed and now it is working to get a baby quilt completed for this baby.

  4. I'm on Goodreads. Somebody from my college class started a 40 book challenge since most of us turn 40 this year. I about halfway there, though some of the books are crafting/gardening/food books that don't take a "solid" read.

    I am a huge fan of C25K. I've done it twice (once after both my girls). I was never a runner before, but after I did the plan the first time, I came to love running. I'm still having trouble fitting it into my schedule as regularly as I'd like, but when I do, I'm running about 6 miles now, which is a lot for me.

    So reading, running, trying to keep up with my garden, stop wasting so much time online, find some "balance" between getting all the things that I want to do done and doing a little nothing this summer . . .

  5. I've never thought of a reading goal, but that's a good idea! I like seeing what everyone else is reading on goo.dreads, gives me good ideas :)

    Currently I'm training for a half marathon. I totally agree--my disposition is so much better after a run or a workout. Glad you're doing it--cheering you on from here!

  6. I've just joined Goodreads too. I like audiobooks a lot as we are allowed headphones on at work so I've been downloading quite a few lately. I would like to start reading again, I miss it.

    But my main goal is to stop being such a hermit! I just seem to have become very shy and uncertain of myself since G died. I'm not much good at arranging to meet up with people and so on. And I really do need to try harder. I always feel good when I DO go out and see people.

    And I LOVE clean clothing hanging on the line. I am an all round laundry fanatic really. It gives me so much satisfaction. Hmm, I really do need to get out more!

    Good luck with all your goals, I'm in awe of your 420 miles.